Acupuncture is clinically proven to work for back and neck pain.

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Around 80% of back pain originates in the soft tissues, that is, the muscles and ligaments.  The often sighted disc as the main cause of pain is generally incorrect.

When an injury occurs in the back, the response of the brain is to tighten the muscles in order to protect the injured area.  This often turns into muscle spasm which is extremely painful.  The brain may continue to keep the back muscles tense for  months or years after the actual injury. Thus the brain has gone into a false mode of protecting the injury.  This leads to chronic pain.  Other modalities like chiropractic and massage may bring temporary relief.  Acupuncture however works by needling the muscle which is in spasm and this sends a signal to the brain.  This creates a reflex arc which reduces muscle spasm and hence the pain is improved.

When looking at a CT scan it only shows up the bones and main structures. However these are often not the cause of the pain.  The soft tissues dont show up on xrays and scans.

Other Causes of Pain

Ligaments are often torn and cause a lot of pain, bleeding and inflammation.  This is also a large source of pain.  Acupuncture helps to reduce tissue inflammation and assists with tissue healing. Not only does it reduce pain but it helps the tissue to regenerate.  Thus the injury is cured faster.

By needling the area of pain, the muscle spasm is reduced.  The inflammation is also reduced. Tissue healing is improved. Thus the injury gets better faster.  Pain killers only mask the problem and other modalities only give temporary relief.

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