Acupuncture is put under the spotlight in this article, and shows the brain changes when acupuncture is performed.

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A functional MRI is used to evaluate the effects of acupuncture on the brain, and the changes are quite marked.

General principles of Acupuncture

So the general principal of Acupuncture is to examine the area until the region of pain is found.  Then needle that area to stimulate healing.  When healing takes place then naturally pain will recede but the important point is that the underlying condition is mended.  The degeneration cannot be reversed, but functionality can be restored.

Basically acupunctur is used to restore normal function to whichever nerves are involved in causing the symptoms.  This will vary from person to person.  The commonest cause of sciatica is due to muscle spasm in the buttocks causing pressure on the sciatic nerve.  However, most people are under the mistaken belief that it is disc problems causing the pain.  This is because scans will show bones and discs, but not soft tissue. In 30% of people, the sciatic nerve goes through the muscle.  Thus if the muscle is in spasm it causes pressure on the sciatic nerve.

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