Acupuncture is useful for most knee pain.

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Knee pain is very common.  The commonest causes are knee cap or patella pain and meniscus pathology in later years.

The patella sits in front of the knee and slides up and down on the femur. It slides in a groove between the condyles and is padded with cartilage. When squatting or sitting it is common for pressure on the front of the knee to cause pain.  the Patella is crushed against the femur and often cartilage is eroded.  This causes swelling and pain around the front of the knee.  This is called patellar tendonitis or patello – femoral syndrome.

Acupuncture  reduces pain and swelling around the patella.  It reduces inflammation.   It helps with tissue regeneration.

Meniscus or Cartilage problems

Over the age of 45 or so  cartilage problems are common.  The menisci which sit inside the knee become worn and fragment or tear.  The menisci are designed to stablise the condyles and keep them in the correct place.  However if the menisci tear or fragment this may destabilise the knee and cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

Previously it was considered that arthroscopy was the best treatment for menisci pathology. However this has been proven to be false.  Most cases of meniscus pathology will settle in time with conservative measures.

Acupuncture  reduces swelling inside the knee. It reduces inflammation and assists with tissue healing.  Used with conservative treatment it will get the knee moving faster and better.


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