The humble Acupuncture Needle.

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They are a lot sharper these days!  The acupuncture needle has been around for 4,000 years.  These days we have very fine, sterile, single use needles.

in our clinic we use mainly 30mm and 13 mm needles, 0.2 mm diameter.  Each needle comes in its own sterile tube, with a tag to hold it in position. They have a copper or silver handle to tap the needle in.

People often think that more needles is better.  That is not true, far more important are the points and placement.  We prefer that patients relax during acupuncture.  Best not to distract the brain with watching mobiles etc.  The brain should relax and focus on the the acupuncture points.

we find that 15 minutes or so is optimal.  Longer time is not really better.  Most of the benefit is conferred in the first few minutes.

Blood Bank

If you want to donate blood, the blood banks asks if you have had acupuncure.  If it has been done by a medical doctor then it is ok to donate. However if not done by a medical doctor then the withholding period is 6 months.  This is because they dont know if the needles are sterile.


Acupuncture bulk bill


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