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Heart image related to acupuncture

you cant do open heart surgery with placebos.  Watch this video and be amazed:

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In this short video you will see how hospitals in China are using acupuncture anaesthesia to perform open heart surgery.  With the patient wide awake!  We now know that it suppresses those parts of the brain that process pain sensation.  There is still some feeling is there, but not pain.

Remarkable  Results – Acupuncture is not a Placebo

The result is that the patient does not have to deal with all the complications of general anaesthetic.  Thus they are able to recover faster. You will see that the patient is able to be discharged in just 1 week after major heart surgery.

The presenter tries to explore the concept of the Qi and its meaning in Eastern Medicine.  Is it just a belief system or  is there a science to it?  By going to the UK and doing functional MRI examination it can be seen that the brain is dampened in the regions where pain is expressed.

The brain works on a feedback loop. An example is driving your car.  The speedometer gives feedback and we adjust the throttle accordingly.  When narcotics flood the brain, it stops producing its own endorphins. This means that when the narcotics wear off the brain is has no endorphins of its own. Hence the pain is magnified enormously.

Acupuncture works in the opposite way. It stimulates endorphin release in the brain naturally.  This means there is no withdrawal when the endorphins subside. The brain is producing its own endorphins. It thus increases analgesia without the addictive properties of narcotics.


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