Acupuncture assists with tissue healing.

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When the body has an injury we need to understand what is happening.  Looking  at the molecular level, the cellular level, the tissue level and the body holistically we know that the body heals itself. This is a complex process.

In order for healing to occur the body must transport oxygen , glucose and protein to the affected area.  There the cell can regenerate new tissue and then insert this into the damaged tissue.  Thus a repair is achieved. It is not a simple case of eating protein and that will fix the problem.  it is far more complicated than that.  the body must first assemble all the ingredients including amino acids and transport that to the injured area.  Then the repair begins at the molecular level upwards.

Naturally this takes time.  The body tries to buy time by going into inflammatory mode.  Inflammation is the way the body communicates by giving pain signals on movement.  This tells the person that the affected area needs to be rested.  Most people find inflammatory pain a nuisance and want it gone.  However by popping a pain killer this only masks the pain.  We want the injury repaired.

Acupuncture assists in tissue repair

Many think that acupuncture is just there for temporary pain relief.  However the acupuncturist is more concerned with healing the affected area. Naturally when the injury is repaired the pain is also gone. For good we hope. Acupuncture helps the recovery process. However the individual must also help the body by listening to the pain signals and taking measures to assist the recovery process.


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