Acupuncture versus other treatments

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Acupuncture works differently from other treatments.

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Taking cortisone as an example, it is a catabolic steroid. Catabolism means to break down.  Cortisol in the body releases energy by breaking down tissue to liberate energy such as glucose. If a diabetic takes cortisone their blood sugar will go up.

Cortisone reduces inflammation by reducing inflammatory proteins which are causing the pain.  This may produce a short term pain relieving effect. However this also leads to tissue breakdown.  This is not helping to mend the damaged tissue.  This is the opposite of what we want to happen.

Acupuncture promotes tissue healing.  If the shoulder has been injected with cortisone this will inhibit tissue healing. So acupuncture is doing the opposite. It has been shown that cortisone injections can prolong the injury.  This is because it inhibits tissue regeneration.

PRP Injections

Injection your own serum into the damaged area is not recommended.  There is no clinical evidence that it works.  Sports stars might use it, but dont waste $500 on it.

Non Steroidals

these medications are indicated for arthritis or bone related pain.  They dont do much for soft tissue related pain.  They dont promote healing. Non steroidals have a lot of side effects such as stomach upset. They are best used for only short term like 1 week or so.


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