Corona Triage

By March 11, 2020Corona

If you suspect Corona Virus, then call the Fever line: 1300 744 284   or   13432584     or  1800 020080 Corona line.

The criteria would be: overseas travel in the last 14 days or contact with known Corona virus patient, and  with upper respiratory symptoms, sore throat, cough , fever.

We  DO NOT do Corona testing at our clinic.

There is a Fever Clinic across the road from our clinic in the Orange building, on Campus Court, on level 2  [ Medical Precinct. ].  There is no telephone contact, patients need to present in person.

If you DO NOT fit the criteria but have upper respiratory symptoms then upon entering our clinic please ask for a  mask. We ask patients with a cough to wait outside.

Sullivan and Nicolaides testing clinics:

100 Cheltenham Dr, Robina QLD 4226 tel 55809787

open : Mon – Fri 7am – 3pm . Sat: 8am – 11am


3 Cottonwood Place,  Oxenford QLD 4210  Phone  (07) 5675 6017,,Fax  (07) 3377 1913

Our hours are 7am -12.30pm then 1pm – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.


2 Saffron St,  Elanora  Tel  55224109

Mon – Fri  7am – 3