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The early signs of dementia are very subtle and may not be immediately obvious.

Early symptoms also vary a great deal.

Usually though, people first seem to notice that there is a problem with memory, particularly in remembering recent events.

Memory loss that affects day-to-day function

It’s normal to occasionally forget appointments or a friend’s phone number and remember them later.

The person may forget things more often and not remember them at all.

Difficulty performing familiar tasks

People can get distracted from time to time and they may forget to serve part of a meal.

The person  may have trouble with all steps involved in preparing a meal.

Confusion about time and place

It’s normal to forget the day of the week – for a moment.

But a person  may have difficulty finding their way to a familiar place, or feel confused about where they are.

Problems with language

Everyone has trouble finding the right word sometimes, but a person with dementia may forget simple words or substitute inappropriate words, making sentences difficult to understand.

Problems with abstract thinking

Balancing a cheque-book can be difficult for anyone, but a person  may have trouble knowing what the numbers mean.

Poor or decreased judgment

A person  may have difficulty judging distance or direction when driving a car.

Problems misplacing things

Anyone can temporarily misplace a wallet or keys. A person with dementia may put things in inappropriate places.

Changes in personality or behaviour

Everyone becomes sad or moody from time to time. Someone with dementia can exhibit rapid mood swings for no apparent reason. They can become confused, suspicious or withdrawn.

A loss of initiative

It’s normal to tire of some activities. But dementia may cause a person to lose interest in previously enjoyed activities.

Recent research has identified Herpes types 6 and 7 as possible causes of dementia due  to amyloid build up.


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