Dr Paul Condoleon talks about Acupuncture

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Dr Paul Condoleon talks about Acupuncture and why he finds it a great way to treat patients

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Firstly acupuncture has been around for 4,000 years and the earliest known text book was about it.  2,000 years before Christ the Chinese doctors were using a point on the foot to improve eyesight, which was a liver point.  Chines medicine believes that the liver meridian is connected to eyesight.  Western medicine does not see any such link.   It has taken 4,000 years and a functional MRI to show that this particular point stimulates the part of the brain concerned with eyesight – the ancients figured this out just with trial and error and observation, remarkable.

Acupuncture clinically proven to work

It is also clinically proven to work. in a large study done in Europe with 70,000 patients comparing its effectiveness  with chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy, the response rate for acupuncture was dramatic –  nearly triple the response of  the other modalities and far ahead of placebo.

The response rate for chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy was no better than placebo.

Acupuncture works on different pathways

The pathways which acupuncture uses are myriad, and in any 1 person or medical condition the pathways will be different, so we urge people to try treatment at least 6 times for their condition before evaluating.  The outcomes for different conditions and different people makes it impossible to predict how any one person will respond.

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