Dr Wu talking about his work – he has over 30 years experience with acupuncture and was the appointed acupuncturist for Bob and Hazel Hawke in the Lodge, Canberra. He is the most highly qualified acupuncturist on the Gold Coast.

in this short 1 minute video Dr Wu explains that acupuncture can complement standard medicine and reduce the need for medications and side effects, and of course our acupuncture is bulk billed which makes it affordable for all patients.

Dr Wu has been doing acupuncture for many thousands of patients on the Gold Coast and is the most highly qualified acupuncturist on the Gold Coast. Dr Wu has studied extensively in Australia and overseas, having a PhD in TCM medicine and herbal medicine from California and is a member of the Ontario Acupunctur Association. He is a member of the Australian Medical Acupunctur College and maintains continous personal development in the area of acupunctur. He is also a Vocationally Registered GP.  His Qualifications include:

University of Sydney Medical School,

South Baylo TCM University California,

Doctor of Medicine, PhD(California) D Acup

Field Of Study

Family Medicine & Acup Doctor for Muscular Pain and Wellness

Activities and Societies: Australian Medical Acup College Australian Medical Association Canadian Acup Foundation Institute American Academy of Medical Acup University Medical School Teaching Practice



Acupuncture bulk bill


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