Duromine ( Phentermine ) Product Information

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About  Duromine / Phentermine

Duromine (Phentermine) is a prescription appetite suppressant drug prescribed by doctors for short term use (normally between 4-8 weeks) together with dieting, exercise and lifestyle modifications to treat obese patients with high medical risks due to their weight; to help them to reduce weight. Phentermine works by stimulating the patient’s hypothalamus portion of the brain, causing it to release certain chemicals to reduce appetite and decrease hunger; so less food is consumed hence resulting in weight loss. It also helps in releasing adrenaline for breaking down of stored fats

Patients using this appetite suppressing diet pills to lose weight in a proper way i.e. following strictly on the prescription set by doctors as well as other programs as described above; can generally expect an average weight loss results between 2-3 KG/month. However, these results are only short term and once the consumers stop using Phentermine, they will see their weight gain again. Unless these individuals have very strong will power to keep on practicing those other programs like dieting, exercising and behavioural change they will inevitably put those pounds back on.

Short term treatment is the main disadvantage of this appetite suppressing medicine because it will deter obese patients of long term weight management opportunities. But, there is no other alternative as short-range usage is the only way to minimize the risks of being harmed by Phentermine side effects.


Losing weight with Duromine diet pills may cause a long list of side effects. Some of these negative effects for example palpitation, psychosis, seizures, lightheadedness and hypertension are so dangerous and may be life-threatening if not treated carefully. There are also serious allergic reactions such as swelling or blue lips or face, itchiness, hives and rashes. While some potential side effects of Phentermine such as bizarre behavior, breathing difficulties, chest pain, decreased exercise ability, hallucinations that gives you a false or mistaken idea / delusion, hostility with urge to attack, mood changes between mania and depression, overactive reflexes, panic, sudden change in behavior and loss of consciousness with twitching or shaking of the body are not that common; we can also see a lot of common side effects caused after taking this appetite suppressing diet pills; some of which are insomnia, increase in blood pressure, irritability, abnormal heart rhythms, euphoria, dizziness; and etc.

Another problem with using Duromine is this medication is addictive and you cannot just stop taking it immediately or else you will suffer from some symptoms generally referred to as withdrawal effects; such as there may be a strong urge for you to continue taking this weight loss pill because you have developed a physical or mental dependence on this medicine, your personality might change due to shortage of this drug to satisfy your needs. Sudden shortage of Phentermine may also make you feel depressed, frustrated and angry. All these withdrawal side effects of Phentermine may end up making you finding yourself difficult to sleep at night or want to sleep during day time.

In conclusion, it is a good appetite suppressant; but it is not the best weight loss drug. The weakness about this medicine is it is not that safe, it causes lots of side effects; ranging from the most common one like fever to dangerous life-threatening ones like pushing up of blood pressure to an abnormal high level. Due to these side effects caused, many doctors are now very reluctant to prescribe Phentermine for their patients.

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