How does Exercise effect Blood Sugar?

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Here is a clip showing how activity can effect blood sugar:

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In this experiment we look at sedentary workers versus active workers and give them a sugary drink and then observe how quickly they metabolize the sugar.

The research shows that the more active a person is the faster they metabolize sugar, which reduces the tendency towards getting diabetes. Sedentary workers tend to have higher insulin resistance which is known as the metabolic syndrome.

The take home message is: Keep Active!



By comparing firemen who are physically fit and active and truck drivers who are sitting most of the time. It can be seen that for sedentary workers they tend to develop more fat around the abdomen and in particular the liver area. This is  where sugar is metabolized.

How to shift Fat from the Abdomen

Our bodies use two main types of fuel. Fat and sugar – and most of us wish we could tell them to burn a bit more of our fat reserves!

Well, some new research suggests that there is a way, just by timing when we eat with when we exercise.  It might be possible to change our eating habits around exercise.  This can increase the amount of fatty tissue our bodies are burning throughout the day.
The evidence shows that by doing high intensity exercising it can increase fitness.  As well it can  increase insulin sensitivity which leads to less abdominal fat.
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