Diabetes – How to Beat it

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This video shows important tips on how to manage diabetes.

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Have a look at the array of food on the table.  It looks healthy, but be careful of the fruit and hidden sugars. Brown pasta is better than white pasta as it has fibre which delays the absorption of sugar.  Be careful of low fat yoghurt as it usually has sugar added.  All Bran is around 40% sugar so dont be fooled.  Bacon is alright once a week.  Biscuits are out.

The Mediterranean diet has lots of Olive oil and this is proven to be beneficial for diabetes. It also cuts the risk of breast cancer by 68%. It also helps diabetics to lose weight.  Eggs are good, butter in small amounts only.  The fatty acids found in dairy are likely beneficial.  There has been a major change, not all fats are bad.

The 5:2 diet is now popular

The 5:2 is popular now – fasting 2 days a week. Not only does it lose weight fast, but the appetite stays small and keeping the weight down long term is the key to fighting diabetes.

There is a current study of a diet of 800 calories per day for 8 weeks looking at weight loss and the long term ability to keep the weight off.  Participants lost an average of 11 Kg and this reduced the risk of diabetes by 90%.

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