In our society the humble chair has become a killer.  In our society most jobs are sedentary and lot of time is spent sitting.

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Studies show that is takes much longer to clear sugar and fat from the blood if people are sitting. Standing and walking pull the sugar and fat out of the blood and metabolize it. You only need to stand for a minute or so to make a difference, so keep moving!

Its important to drink a lot of water. It helps clean the blood and keep the metabolism going.

What is HIT ?

Walking is better than standing, so keep moving!  The  next  step is High Intensity Training ( HIT ), which is short bursts of exercise followed by a rest.  This HIT can increase aerobic fitness by around 10% and increases insulin sensitivity.  On the other hand jogging does not improve aerobic fitness or increase insulin sensitivity. The other thing that HIT does is decrease appetite and is associated with long term weight loss.

So there are lots of benefits of exercise. But standing up is easy and makes a big difference in the long term difference.  The next step is to do strengthening exercises daily and create a daily routine, but finding the time can be difficult. With increasing age it is important to do some strengthening exercises.

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