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Dr Zalokar can prescribe medical cannabis –  CBD ( Cannabidiol ) for chronic pain , anxiety, nausea.  A consultation is bulk billed, but an application to prescribe cannabis incurs a fee.

Talk to the  doctor about whether medical cannabis may be suitable as an adjunct therapy (that is another treatment used alongside primary treatment) for your conditions or symptoms.

Note that CBD does not cause drowsiness or make you “high” , unlike THC which is the other type of cannabis.  It is legal to drive on CBD but not with THC.

If your doctor believes that it would be effective, they can contact the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for approval to allow supply of the product.

Your doctor will also need to arrange for a pharmacy to dispense the medication to you. Currently we use the Goodprice Pharmacy, Robina, tel 55621966 or  Ramsay Pharmacy, 2125 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami , tel 55721352.

Cost of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis is not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) so patients need to pay the costs of purchasing the product.

The cost depends on the particular product, source, shipping expenses, and customs fees and the dispensing fees charged by the dispensing pharmacy. A rough estimate is $170 – 200 per month for CBD oil.

There is currently no government subsidy for the cost of medicinal cannabis for individual treatment, and the government does not regulate the prices for supply of approved products. Some private health funds give a partial rebate on the prescription cost.

Things to consider when taking medicinal cannabis

Travelling with medicinal cannabis

Each state or territory legislation is slightly different, and each has their own requirements. If you are travelling to Queensland from another State or Territory, your medicinal cannabis must have been prescribed by a doctor who holds the relevant Commonwealth approval. All medicinal cannabis products need to be dispensed and labelled by a pharmacist/pharmacy.

Conditions that may benefit

The Queensland laws do not limit what symptoms or conditions may be applied for by your doctor. However, the doctor will need to supply sufficient scientific evidence that supports the use of medicinal cannabis for the particular symptom or condition.

More and more research is being conducted on the uses of medicinal cannabis. The scientific evidence base is limited but suggests that medicinal cannabis may be suitable to treat:

  • some types of chronic non-cancer pain
  • Anxiety
  • nausea and vomiting
  • severe muscular spasms