“Studies have recently shown that, even when factoring in imperfections and human error, wearing face masks can reduce transmission of coronavirus by around 60 per cent,” reads a press release outlining the advice, which is unprecedented in Australia

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And speaking on 3AW, Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist and public health medicine specialist at the University of Melbourne, said masks reduced the risk of coronavirus transmission by “about 80 per cent”.

A systematic review, commissioned by the World Health Organisation and published in The Lancet last month, looked at a slew of observational studies in order to study the extent to which physical distancing, face masks and eye protection prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to infectious diseases expert Raina MacIntyre, who spoke to the ABC’s Health Report, the review found masks reduced the risk of spread by 67 per cent, while a close-fitting protective device such as an N95 respiratory mask reduced it by more than 95 per cent.

According to Professor Blakely, mask wearing was likely to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread by between 50 per cent and 80 per cent, which he said would have enough of an effect to “make a sizeable difference”.

“The bottom line is no intervention gives you 100 per cent protection. You have to use them in combination to reduce the risk and, until the time that we can vaccinate people, you really have to use these interventions in combination.”

Finally, claims that New York hospitals were reporting thousands of lung infections caused by the use of face masks are false, according to PolitiFact.

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