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Recent studies have shown that when acupuncture is combined with traditional methods of weight loss, patients lose more weight. In these cases, regular acupuncture weight loss sessions can be safe and effective in helping people achieve reasonable weight loss goals.

The effect of acupuncture on a client’s emotions also plays an important role in aiding weight loss. Acupuncture affects the neuroendocrine system by blocking harmful neurochemicals to restore the natural balance of hormones and neurotransmitter levels. The resulting release of endorphins helps to reduce stress, which in turn helps to prevent the urge to overeat.

Robina 7 Day Doctors and Acupuncture recommends this video on  Acupuncture for weight loss:


Acupuncture may help reduce weight by:

  • Regulating serum Ghrelin levels which regulate appetite.
  • Reduce cortisol levels which leads to central obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • Regulate insulin levels to optimize blood sugar control
  • Increasing relaxation and reducing tension. Acupuncture can alter the brains mood chemistry, increasing serotonin and increasing endorphins.  This can help reduce negative affective states.
  • Stimulating nerves located in muscles and other tissues, which leads to release of endophins and other neurohumoral factors.
  • Regulating parasympathetic nervous system which regulates the bowels.
  • Stimulating release of Melatonin to improve sleep.
  • Reduce cravings to reduce weight gain.

Ghrelin  the “hunger hormone”, is a hormone produced by ghrelinergic cells in the stomach which functions as a neuropeptide in the central nervous system.  Besides regulating appetite, ghrelin also plays a significant role in regulating energy regulation.

When the stomach is empty, ghrelin is absorbed. When the stomach is stretched, secretion stops. It acts on hypothalamus both to increase hunger, and to increase gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal motility to prepare the body for food intake

Acupuncture works on different pathways

The pathways which acupuncture uses are myriad, and in any 1 person or medical condition the pathways will be different, so we urge people to try treatment at least 6 times for their condition before evaluating.  The outcomes for different conditions and different people makes it impossible to predict how any one person will respond.

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