What is Pathology

Pathology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of the nature and causes of diseases. It underpins every aspect of medicine, from diagnostic testing and monitoring of chronic diseases to cutting-edge genetic technologies. Pathology testing of patient samples is integral to the diagnosis of every cancer and is central to over 70% of all decisions made in health care.

We are one of Australias leading specialist medical laboratory and pathology providers providing a full range of diagnostic testing and information services.
Our medical laboratory testing services include:

  • blood tests such as cholesterol
  • body fluid testing
  • tissue pathology such as skin cancer analysis
  • cytology such as Pap smears
  • health screening and monitoring tests
  • drug screening and testing
  • gene-based testing (genetic testing)

QML Pathology performs medical tests and analysis that aid your doctor in the diagnosis or detection of diseases, and measure the progress or recovery from a disease. We have specialised expertise in diabetic testing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse screening and molecular tests.

Other Options

QML GastroLab

Gastrolab is Australias largest provider of diagnostic hydrogen/methane breath testing, with clinics in :







Other Options

Genomic Diagnostics

Genomic Diagnostics is the nationally co-ordinated genetic testing service for Specialist Diagnostic Services, also known as SDS Pathology.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and we are the trusted partner of a number of federal and state government departments, including large public teaching hospitals and the Department of Immigration. Our paternity testing laboratory is used by more solicitors and legal aid departments than any other laboratory in Australia.

They trust us because of our credentials and our meticulous scientific approach. We can be relied upon to deliver results accurately and on time. We’ve held our Australian Government NATA accreditation continuously for over 14 years “ longer than most DNA testing organisations. Our team of eminent medical and scientific experts includes some of the most experienced senior geneticists in the country. We co-ordinate our testing nationally through our pathology labs to bring you the best possible results.