May 11, 2020

Could BCG Vaccine Protect Against coronavirus?

The BCG vaccine has been used for nearly a century to protect against tuberculosis, a…
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Robina 7 day doctors Acupuncture
April 23, 2020

The World After Coronavirus Pandemic

With COVID-19 infections now evident in 176 countries, the pandemic is the most significant threat to…
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Booking Robina 7 Day Doctors and acupuncture in Robina on the Gold Coast
March 30, 2020

GPs Proven Ethical

GPs have once again ranked among the most ethical practitioners in Australia, according to the…
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March 16, 2020


The FODMAPs diet  is used to help manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and it’s becoming…
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February 24, 2020

What Attracts a Mosquitoe ?

It’s always you, isn’t it? The person busy swatting away buzzing backyard mosquitoe or nursing…
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February 17, 2020

Teen Students Not Exercising Much…

In a study published in The Lancet today, we find out how 1.6 million adolescent school…
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air pollution
February 5, 2020

Coronavirus – Do I need a Face Mask?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international…
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January 27, 2020

New Alcohol Guidelines

New draft alcohol guidelines recommend healthy Australian women and men drink no more than ten standard…
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climate change
January 20, 2020

Climate Change and Health

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) recently declared climate change a health emergency, reflecting similar positions taken…
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December 10, 2019

The Hazards of Bushfire Smoke

As bushfire smoke can cover very large areas, including major cities, it has the potential…
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food poisoning
December 4, 2019

Summertime and Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is unsurprisingly more common in summer months. Every Australian experiences food poisoning about once…
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Nobel Prize
October 18, 2019

The Nobel Prize goes to…

The recipients of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine are William G. Kaelin of Harvard Medical…
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October 3, 2019

The Russian Anti-Anxiety drug linked to Gold Coast teens’ Overdoses

Phenibut was initially developed in the 1960s in Russia as an anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) drug . …
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September 25, 2019

Chronic UTI

When Pippa Anderson woke with pain in her kidneys, her bladder constantly full and discomfort…
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September 17, 2019

Gardening for Depression ?

People with depression and anxiety may be given “nature prescriptions”, with doctors  recommending walks and…
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September 10, 2019

10,000 Patients on Medical Cannabis

Since early 2018, patients have been able to legally import cannabis products through the TGA’s…
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August 30, 2019

This year’s ‘exceptional’ flu season explained

A combination of extreme weather and two circulating influenza A subtypes are likely behind the…
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June 10, 2019

How quickly do microbes return after using an antibacterial wipe?

Anti-bacterial wipe only eradicate bacteria from kitchen surfaces for 20 minutes and using them to…
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June 3, 2019

Are you an Introvert ?

Introversion versus Extroversion runs along a continuum  that confuses and confounds.  Being an Introvert is…
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May 13, 2019

Two influenza A strains contributing to autumn flu surge

The number strains  notificationed is more than triple that recorded this time last year. A…
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May 6, 2019

General Practice care still costs less than a dollar a day

An annual snapshot on the nation's health spending reveals the surprising cost of general practice…
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April 16, 2019

Can I go vegan and stay healthy?

The popularity of going vegan has exploded in recent years, with more than four times…
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March 8, 2019

Can cannabis live up to its promise as a wonder drug?

Around the world there is a huge patient demand for access to medical cannabis and…
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February 4, 2019

Sleeping Tablets – what are the Long Term side effects?

Lack of sleep is a common problem. According to data  over 1/3 of the population…
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January 2, 2019

Should you worry about getting an X-ray?

Most of us have had an X-ray for fractured bones or to allow the dentist…
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December 2, 2018

Acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) describes a collection of symptoms. These commonly include chronic abdominal pain,…
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October 8, 2018

Matthieu Ricard on Happiness from the Tibetan pov

Born in France in 1946 as the son of French philosopher Jean-François Revel and artist…
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heart Disease
September 25, 2018

Does ASPIRIN Prevent Stroke Or Heart Attack?

Prescribing daily low-dose aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke in the healthy…
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Food For ThoughthealthIBS
September 9, 2018

Do probiotics do any good?

Does Taking Probiotics really help? Robina 7 Day Doctors and Acupuncture recommends this video…
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September 2, 2018

What benefit does physical activity give to your health?

What  does physical activity do for your health? Robina 7 Day Doctors and Acupuncture recommends…
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August 13, 2018

Can’t Shift Body Fat? Learn some Surprising Facts

Can’t Shift Body Fat? Learn The Surprising Facts with Exercise, Weight Loss & Calorie Counting…
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July 18, 2018

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – A Good Idea?

Record numbers of men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy to increase energy levels, muscle…
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