Acupuncture and medical progress:

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Continuing the theme of how it works, this article tries to explain the learning curve that medical science has been going through.  Science is still trying to understand how the body functions and reacts to trauma and stress.

in order to understand how acupuncture works, one needs to understand how the human body works.  We just dont have all the answers to that yet.

 Accidental Medical Discoveries

In the Korean war the US military set up the MASH unit, but they realized that many soldiers died before reaching the hospital.

So in the Vietnam war they put medics into the battlefield to initiate IV infusions and morphine injections etc.  This turned out to be a disaster.   The body was trying to go into protective mode whilst the IV infusions continued the bleeding and thus a poor outcome.

In the Faulklands war some soldiers were left for 24 hours with terrible injuries.  Yet they survived because the body was able to go into protective mode.

Acupuncture on the battlefield

the study of medical triage in the battle field has led to the remarkable discovery that acupuncture can help the body in stress or shock mode.  It can assist  survival in life and death situations.

Acupuncture is now used by the US military in the battle field by medics because it is cheap, fast, effective at reducing pain.  It assists the body in dealing with major trauma.

As always though, the learning continues.

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