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Acupuncture harnesses the regenerative powers of the body

The “Miracle of Youth” – every day we see injured sports players come off the field carrying injuries.  Yet in no time they are back on the field fully recovered. Acupuncture harnesses the healing powers of the body.

It has been calculated that if we could keep the regenerative powers of a 20 year old person, the human body would last 700 years!  Clearly over the years regenerative powers are lost.  Particularly over the age of 45 – 50 we see a lot of painful injuries that have resulted from years of wear and tear.  The body is unable to heal the affected area where the regenerative powers have been lost.

Degenerative changes often are not the cause of the pain

Patients often present with scans showing extensive degenerative changes.  They assume that the degeneration is the cause of their pain. However it is pointed out that the opposite joint is exactly the same age and same condition, yet has no pain. So where Acupuncture comes to the fore is in stimulating the regenerative powers of the body in precisely the area of the pain.

So the general principal of Acupuncture is to examine the area until the region of pain is found.  Then needle that area to stimulate healing.  When healing takes place then naturally pain will recede but the important point is that the underlying condition is mended.  The degeneration cannot be reversed, but functionality can be restored.

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