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The brain works on a feedback loop. An example is driving your car.  The speedometer gives feedback and we adjust the throttle accordingly.  When narcotics flood the brain, it stops producing its own endorphins. This means that when the narcotics wear off the brain is has no endorphins of its own. Hence the pain is magnified enormously.

Acupuncture works in the opposite way. It stimulates endorphin release in the brain naturally.  This means there is no withdrawal when the endorphins subside. The brain is producing its own endorphins. It thus increases analgesia without the addictive properties of narcotics.

When the body has an injury we need to understand what is happening.  Looking  at the molecular level, the cellular level, the tissue level and the body holistically we know that the body heals itself. This is a complex process

Many think that acupuncture is just there for temporary pain relief.  However the acupuncturist is more concerned with healing the affected area. Naturally when the injury is repaired the pain is also gone. For good we hope. Acupuncture helps the recovery process. However the individual must also help the body by listening to the pain signals and taking measures to assist the recovery process.

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