Want to get off Sleeping Pills?

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Here is a short talk on how to get off sleeping pills.

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Dr Mosley talks about sleeping tablets. They do not give you the sleep that you need, its not a natural sleep.

The starting point is to start with the body clock. It is suggested that you go for an early morning walk to get the natural light early to set the body clock.  Every cell in the body has a clock and its quite common for there to be a loss of synchronicity  amongst parts of the brain which then work against each other.  The light receptors in the eyes send signals to the brain clock which resets the body clock each day. It is suggested that a 20 minute walk each morning will establish a natural rhythm in the brain.  Going camping is a great way to get the natural cycle of light and dark into the brain.  Camping gives 40 times more natural light than being at home.

Blue light tends to stop melatonin production, which means looking at computer screens and TV at night will delay melatonin production.  Melatonin production rises in the evening and this is delayed if there is blue light.  The distraction of social media also interrupts the normal sleep pattern.  Reading however does not affect sleep.

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