A Diet with a Difference: The LivingLite support program

By June 23, 2018July 4th, 2018diet, weight loss

The LivingLite support program

Monitoring your weight loss progress can help you stay motivated long term, so update your current weight now and we can show you how you’re tracking towards your goal.

However big or small your weight loss goal is, having the right support network in place will really help you stay motivated.  You can keep on track with your goals easily. Research has shown that weight loss results are better for people that share weekly progress updates with family or friends. Results are also better for those that share their strategies, advice, diet and exercise tips with other people.  People  that are going through a similar weight loss journey benefit from sharing their experiences.

To register for this diet program please go  to:  http://livingliteprogram.com.au

inside you will find:


Having access to the right information to support weight loss can help you overcome challenges and reach your goals.

Here you’ll find information to help you understand and manage your mindset and motivation, as well as content on diet and exercise to support you during your weight loss journey.


in addition if you go to :  http://cansciencetaketheweightoff.com   

this web site can help you to understand how your brain works against you causing you to put weight back on.

Inside you will find a Quiz, and Weight Assessment tools.  As well there are weight loss options and your weight and health are discussed.

What is your BMI?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a tool that helps your doctor work out your weight category and your level of health risk due to your weight. BMI is calculated from your height and weight. While BMI isn’t always the perfect measure of weight category, it is a good start.